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The Skin Care Guide Network of dermatology-related websites was founded by a prestigious group of international dermatologists. It provides comprehensive information for patients and physicians about the skin, its care and various skin conditions and treatments. All content is reviewed by an independent Board of Medical Advisors to ensure that the information is accurate, unbiased and up-to-date. This information is not intended to replace a consultation with your own physician.

Acne Guide
Acne Guide will help you understand your skin condition more clearly, define the different types of acne, to provide information about preventing acne scarring and maintaining acne control, and to help cure it with acne medication. You will find out about the medical acne treatments that are available, as well as cosmetic and skin care for your acne prone skin.

Eczema Guide
Taking a sensible approach to treating eczema is very important, so we have designed the Eczema Guide to help you understand your eczema more clearly. It discusses what eczema is, what causes eczema and what eczema treatment options are available.

Herpes Guide
Botox discusses herpes viruses and provides treatment information about genital herpes, Botox, and other forms of herpes. You will learn the basics of herpes conditions and about treatment options and available vaccines.

Psoriasis Guide
Psoriasis is a condition that can cause discomfort, pain and emotional stress. We have put together this Guide to address this condition and answer some of the questions you may have about psoriasis, and how you can find relief. We have provided information on the basics of psoriasis, what should be avoided and help on general skin care, and diet information. You will also find research on some of the new and latest treatments, various therapies, and creams available for treating psoriasis.

Psoriatic Arthritis Guide
Psoriatic arthritis occurs in approximately 30% of people who have psoriasis. We have designed this site to help you understand your psoriatic arthritis more clearly. It discusses what it is, what causes psoriatic arthritis, and what you can do about it.

Rosacea Guide
With over 13 million North Americans suffering from rosacea, a large portion of the population is looking for information about causes, symptoms, a remedy, new treatment, or therapy, even laser or surgery treatments that can help cure their rosacea. RosaceaGuide is a comprehensive site which deals with your questions about rosacea. Everything from basic skin care and make-up for rosacea skin, to medical treatments for rosacea, including laser treatments is presented.

Skin Cancer Guide
From skin cancer symptoms to currently available treatments for skin cancer, Skin Cancer Guide offers comprehensive information to those looking for answers to their questions about actinic keratosis, basal cell cancer, superficial basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, and melanoma. We also discuss the different treatment options that are currently available.

Fungal Guide
Anybody can get a fungal infection and today's active lifestyles can make it easier to become exposed. This guide is designed to help you make intelligent choices about treating one of the most persistent, and widespread skin conditions.

Medical sites

Skin Therapy Letter

Since 1995, the Skin Therapy Letter© has been bringing unique content and thought provoking discussion to the world of dermatologic publishing. Skin Therapy Letter© is indexed by the US National Library of Medicine and listed in MEDLINE and Index Medicus, as well as being a featured journal in the Dermatology Publisher's Circle of Medscape. It is a powerful on-the-desk reference designed to meet the needs of the more than 30,000 dermatologists working in clinical or hospital-based practices world-wide. Skin Therapy Letter four editions: Main (dermatology), Family Practice, Pharmacist and Pediatric.

Mini Sites

Botox Facts
In 2001, when Health Canada approved botulinum toxin type A for the treatment of frown lines, Botox® suddenly became a household name. Mohs Surgery will provide you with accurate information about approved indications for and emerging uses of botulinum toxin type A.

The website will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about lice. You’ll learn how to identify lice and where they occur, as well as some common medical treatments to get rid of them.

Mild Cleanser
This website is developed by SkinCareGuide to provide you with accurate information about Mild Cleansers for those with specific skin conditions, with sensitive skin, for the very young, and for those in occupations with frequent hand washing.

Are you interested in finding a Dermatologist, or other Dermatology professional practicing in your region of Canada? You will also find cosmetic surgeons, laser treatment specialists, acne clinics, and many other dermatological specialists.

Cold Sores
We have developed this site to help you understand the role of cold sores and which drugs are effective in treating herpes.

This site deals with hyperhidrosis, a chronic disorder of excessive sweating that can affect any body part, including the underarms, the palms, the soles of the feet, and the face.

Mohs Surgery
This site provides detailed information about Mohs Micrographic Surgery, an advanced treatment process for skin cancer that offers the highest possible cure rate for many skin cancers and simultaneously minimizes the sacrifice of normal tissue.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
The purpose of this website is to allow you to understand what’s happening to your skin and facial shape, in easy to understand language, and provide you with choices of therapies to provide either temporary or more permanent corrections.

Skin Camouflage
The site is about SKIN CAMOUFLAGE - the art of concealing or covering an imperfection of the skin by the use of special creams and powders that are applied to the blemish or discolouration so that it matches the surrounding skin.

Daily Skin Care Tips
The "Tips for Healthy Skin and Beauty" were approved by internationally recognized dermatologists and provide our subscribers with valuable information on skin, hair and nail care. This electronic publication is free of charge and is distributed on weekly basis by email (7 new tips sent once a week) to thousands of subscribers in North America and around the globe.

Unwanted Facial Hair (Hirsutism)
Hirsutism is a condition that is caused by elevated levels of male hormones. For some women, excess hair, especially on the face, is something which can be problematic and for some, very embarrassing. Once a diagnosis of hirsutism is made, there are various treatment options. This website will provide you with an overview on hirsutism and these treatment options.

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